Sorting by Key column with custom key mapping


I used the custom key mapping feature to map each Open Key to the corresponding Camelot Key, e.g. 1D → 8B, 1M → 8A, etc. This works great. The problem is when you try to sort the tracks by key, say ascending order, the tracks I have mapped to 8B (1D Open Key equivalent) appear first.

I understand the use of Camelot notation has commercial licensing implications but is there a way for the software to just sort on the values mapped, as-is, if the values are alpha-numeric?

You can choose which key format Lexicon uses in the settings. And if you want to use a custom key format, you can set that up too.

Thank you. It appears though that regardless of the key format selected in the settings, the sort order is always based on the Open Key format.

So if you have a list of tracks with different keys, sorting in ascending order will always display first the tracks are in the key C Major (musical), presumably because its Open Key equivalent notation is 1D.

Perhaps there is a step I may have missed along the way.

Yes sorting is always based on Open Key.

You could make a few smartlists with a match on the key, eg Key equals C and then you can sort those smartlists any way you want.