Sqlite error rekordbox

Hi there,

I need some help. I’m using virtualDJ and rekordbox and I’m trying to sync a playlist from virtualDJ to Rekordbox 6.8.2.

I tried both the 6 & 5 rekordbox option and the rekordbox 6 beta option.
With the first lexicon is creating a .xml. But when I try to import the playlist the .xml is showing gray and a can’t select it.

The second option gives me worries. I get the message SQLITE ERROR database disk is malformed. Maybe it’s meaning that the database is corrupt. Rekordbox is working fine but I had some crashes a month ago mostly when I was dragging music files from the library to the player. Rekordbox app didn’t respond and I saw the colour wheel from iOS rotating. Needed a restart to get it to work again. Last weeks I didn’t had this problem any more.

Is there a way to solve this problem and that I can sync correctly with VirtualDJ?


Sometimes you get that sqlite error but a restart fixes it so not a real problem.

The XML should always work, not sure what you mean by “showing gray”? Maybe you didn’t point to the right XML file in the RB settings

I wanted to sync just one playlist and get a xml file of this true lexicon. The only way to see this file is with the option restore library in rekordbox. I’m afraid that I will have just one synced playlist and the rest deleted in rekordbox. With the option import playlist in rekordbox it only see .m3u8 files and not .xml. I probably do something wrong lol.

I think you’re doing it wrong… Try these steos: Downloading your library and importing it into Rekordbox, Traktor, VirtualDJ, Serato or Engine Prime - rekordcloud