Stream files conversion for Engine OS

So I’m trying to use a dedicated SD card just for streaming data due to limitations in Engine OS - mainly the inability to sort streaming playlists by BPM/KEY and lack of pre-analysis data


  1. Analyzed some Tidal playlist in RB6 (using an empty RB6 collection i.e no local files)
  2. Added them to RB playlist
  3. Used LXC to export to the SD card (engine os)


  1. Noticed that the playlist shows up with red files - missing - until I load and scroll through the actual playlist in tidal (engine os)
  2. Some tracks don’t have artwork after I use the LXC stream method
  3. Some tracks are missing the overview waveform

Its not a big issue per se…just wondering if @Christiaan and others have encountered the same issue and if there is anything can be done to improve it


  1. I can see all my stream tracks on the SD card and i can actually sort just like using a local file.
  2. Flexigrids work as well
  3. Hotcues, Loops etc prepped in RB6 made it over to Engine

I think 2) and 3) are normal. LXC doesn’t have artwork for streaming files and doesn’t send those to Engine. So any artwork that does appear only happens because Engine downloads it from Tidal (or loads it from the Tidal file, I don’t know how it works internally). LXC also doesn’t send a waveform to Engine, that is generated by Engine OS when you load the track.

For 1) I’m wondering if I can improve that a bit, I don’t see why they would ever be red since they are streaming. Can you upload your LXC database with the Tidal tracks in it? I’ll test it on my Prime 2.

It’s too bad Engine DJ Desktop doesn’t have streaming yet (I’m sure they are working on it) and that you have to actually go from RB to Engine in order to prepare your tracks. But at least it works! :slight_smile: I have to get streaming tracks going too in LXC, but it takes a while to get in touch with the right people and get things going.

One will assume beatsource will jump at the opportunity as they are the pure dj focus DSP.

Uploaded as requested via LXC

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Upon further investigation, it appears this is an Engine limitation. When I load the track, it becomes white. Then I switch off the unit and turn it back on. The track is red again.
That leads me to believe that the state is only saved in the memory of the unit. I also found nothing in the database that made it start as white.

I think because Engine Desktop doesn’t support streaming yet, this is just not finished.

Mine stays “white” after initial load and power cycles.