Streaming to Local utility xml output resulting in file format error in rekordbox

Hi, I used Lexicon to move from Beatport Link to downloaded tracks and retain hot cues using the streaming to local utility. All steps went find, but when I finally import the XML into rekordbox, all the playlists have all the right songs, but I can’t play or load them as they say “Load error. File Format is not supported”
Can you please help?

Can you upload the XML you imported into RB? I’ll check it out
You can upload here:

rekordbox.xml (162.7 KB)

here it is

I’ve also uploaded to the link you shared

I don’t see anything wrong in the XML. Have you tried importing a second time? Maybe something went wrong in Rekordbox. Make sure to right click the tracks (not just playlists) to import because of the RB bug.

If that doesn’t work, you can try the Rekordbox 6 sync method

yes I tried again, and it continues to say the same error. I tried the sync method as well. Any other ideas?

If you can upload your RB database as well, then I can take a look there what is wrong.

The database is this file: /Users/user/Library/Pioneer/rekordbox/master.db

You can upload with the same link as before

thanks - just uploaded - let me know what you think?

Thanks. I’m seeing one odd thing that is probably causing this. Can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu. Then I have the last piece of the puzzle

Just uploaded including a link to this forum post…did you get it?

Yep got it.

I can’t really reproduce it here. And if I run the sync again with your database, the problem that I see is automatically corrected.

Try deleting those bad tracks entirely from the RB collection, then sync that playlist with the RB 6 method (not the XML). Perhaps the XML import that RB broke it, I don’t know exactly what RB does there.