Subscription expired?

Hi, what’s hapening? I had a subscription for a year. It started a month ago, or something like that. And now Lexicon is telling me my subscription has expired. What’s that about?

I’m in the process of moving Lexicon to the new payment system. I haven’t migrated old Rekordcloud users yet, I will do that later today and it will be back to normal.
There will be a new release as well today with the payment system.

This will all be resolved today :slight_smile:

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Okay, thanks! (I have to use more characters to be able to send this message, so here you go.)

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So today’s the day! (i dm’ed you @Christiaan regarding an earlier topic)

Congratulations Christiaan! :partying_face: And could you tell me, on this cheerfull day, how it is possible that after syncing to RekordBox, exporting to a drive only works partly. I don’t get all my tracks in the playlists that are in the original one. For example: my ’70’s danceclassics-list is supposed to be 300 songs, but after syncing to RB and exporting to a drive, there’s only 127 left. I don’t get it. Or is this not the right place to ask :grin: :partying_face: :grin: :partying_face:

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Can you make a bug report?
Especially check when it is 300 songs and when it stops being 300. Is it 300 in LXC, in RB or on the drive?
Make a new topic please

Yes I will, tomorrow. And it’s on the drive.

@Christiaan has the migration been completed for the new payment system as the latest update to Lexicon still states i need to purchase a new subscription.

Yes it has. Make sure you are logged in with the same email that your Rekordcloud sub is on. But feel free to PM me with your details and I will check it out for you.