Subscription not working

I just paid for subscription, app is still saying that i don’t have one.


Same here. Paid for it and still stuck in Demo mode.

This is BS. I don’t have time for this. Looking for an alternative app.

I’m hoping a moderator or something responds soon. Kinda was hoping on this for a last-minute set tn. Its currently midnight rn in England so I’m sure the app creator is asleep rn but nonetheless, def don’t appreciate this hiccup

Yeah, particularly after i’ve spent money.

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ESPECIALLY after I spent money.

Like bro come on, is there seriously no one available rn to help with this? I might just be personally desperate because my set is in a few hours but this is kinda upsetting, considering I’ve been troubleshooting Lexicon most of my afternoon, and then decided to pay for it after it finally got working

No, i dig it, i’m ready to throw something, LOL.

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I’m having the same issue with subscription guys. Paid too

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Really hoping we hear back from a mod soon

same this is ridiculous!

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Sorry everyone, there was a delay in the payment processor but it is now resolved. After restarting Lexicon, you should have full access.

Apologies for the inconvenience.