Support for over 8 cue points on Traktor import

It would be great if Lexicon would be able to import over 8 cue points. I realize that in Traktor and Lexicon, once a track has over 8 cue points, the additional cue points are unnumbered. I see it is supported in both, however Lexicon only imports the 8 numbered cue points from Traktor.

I would like use these additional unnumbered cue points as memory cues when exporting to Rekordbox.

The attached image shows an example track from Traktor and how it is imported in Lexicon.

Lexicon supports any amount of cues, even when importing, but maybe the unnumbered cues are not imported. I don’t think many people use them. But I’ll have to check how they are handled internally. I’ll get back to you, I can test it today or tomorrow probably.

Great, thanks for taking a look at it!

Okay, I’ve modified it so the invisible (unnumbered) cues also get imported. Back on export, you’ll notice they will have a number now though. The numbering goes on beyond 8 and Traktor doesn’t seem to mind.