Sync goes off after importing from Lexicon with RBDJ

Please fill in this bug report template:

Lexicon version: …1.1.24
Operating system: Mac Montery 12.4

Bug description: After importing from Lexicon to RBDJ Sync has issue and loose sync … seems like something is wrong with the beat grid.

Step by step to reproduce: Sync both decks… Track A plays …mix in Track B… initial tracks are in sync but then losses sync.

I reported this a while back… I now have a video capture of this bug. Seems like Lexicon did something to the beat grid.

Note I did not do any analysis or beat grid work in lexicon all I did was genre and tags clean ups before importing into RBDJ.

Another issue also noticed after is that after importing my smart playlist which rely on my tags did not work and the my tag info in RBDJ intelligent list was missing and had to be reset. Note I did not do any changes to my tags in Lexicon.

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