Sync Serato -> Lexicon -> Rekordbox

Please fill in this bug report template:

Lexicon version: last version (Jan. Download)
Operating system (remove one): Mac

Bug description:

  • Cues points are shifted on always the right bar in Lexicon (Sync Serato to Lexicon)
  • The colors of cues are not transported in Lexicon (Sync Serato to Lexicon)
  • Cues points are cloned in Memory cues section in Rekordbox.

Step by step to reproduce:
My files are analyzed in MixedIn Key and i check them (incl. Beatgrid) one by one in Serato when I set my cue points.


Track 1
Track 1: Beatgrid and cues in serato

Track 1: cues and colors shifted in lexicon

Track 1: Cues and colors shifted in Rekordbox and cues cloned in the memory cue section

Track Two
Track 2: Beatgrid, cues and 1 Saved loop in Serato

Track 2: Cues are shifted and are not always at the right bar. Colors are shifted. The saved loop is not transported.

Track 2: Cues and colors shifted in Rekordbox, cues are cloned in the memory cue section and the saved loop (existing in Serato) is not transported

Did you set the cue sync option to RB to “both” ? So cues are sent to both hot- and memory cues.

Please make a new topic for each other issue because I really can’t process them all in one topic

Hi Christian

last week i just saw that i used to send Cues to both (hot & memory Cues). this one can be considered as resolved.

With the additional tests I made, in order to prepare my gigs, I discovered that Lexicon tends to work better with AIFF Files. Cues (exact position on the track & their colors) and some saved loops are fully transported from Serato to Lexicon and from lexicon to Rekordbox.

I’ll continue to test and transport tracks in order to confirm or not. But my experience shows me the transport of AIFF files seems to perform better than Mp3. With most of MP3 files, I have to set, again, the same cue points in Rekordbox, which represents double work. :frowning:

This has to do with file compression. Mp3’s are compressed (encoded) and because there are very many different encoders, the beatshift problem occurs. It should not happen often but it depends by what encoder your mp3s were made.

You could always convert your files to AIFF though, then that problem shouldn’t exist.

I have plans to add an audio converter to Lexicon in the future, so converting from MP3 to AIFF (or anything you like) will be an easy and smooth experience.

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