Sync to Engine 3.0 hotcue label field is empty for none labelled Hotcues

Lexicon version: 1.3.9

Operating system (remove one): Mac Ventura 13.2.1

Bug description:

The HOT-CUE labels in Engine DJ is not populated with the standard CUE 1, CUE 2 etc

The ones i have special labels for eg INTRO, DROP etc are populated

Step by step to reproduce:

Sync Lexicon to Engine DJ


Thanks, will check that

Any text in your cues in Lexicon is sent to Engine. But if they have no text in Lexicon, they will have no text in Engine.

Where did your cues come from? Traktor for example does not add any cue text by default so after importing from Traktor, your cues in Lexicon won’t have text

They are from Serato

My process

Serato > Lexicon > Engine DJ

The ones without text just shows up as blank.

The ones with text shows up okay, not concerned about those btw

Serato doesn’t add a default cue label either so they come into Lexicon without text.

I don’t think I want to “fix” this because it would mean giving all cues without text (regardless of where they came from) a standard label like “Cue 1” etc. And other users will wonder why they suddenly have texts that they never added.

So I’m going to leave it as it is now. Serato doesn’t have default cue text so I think the expectation matches the reality as much as possible now.

if i do the same import in Engine DJ - Serato to Engine DJ directly, i do get CUE1, CUE2, etc

That’s a way Engine and Lexicon are different then, they chose to always add that cue text even when importing if it is missing

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