Sync to Engine DJ not working correctly

Hi I have imported my Engine DJ tracks to Lexicon and used some of the tools to tidy up my music collection. I have noticed that when I do a full Sync back to Engine DJ their are 2 main issues. 1. Some music files that have been removed via Lexicon are still showing as missing files in Engine DJ also the Lexicon music libary has 17681 tracks and Engine DJ is showing as having 17797.

Does anyone have any ideas why this might be happening?

If you did a full sync, any unknown tracks should be removed from Engine.
What can happen is that there are still tracks on another drive, they will be included in Engine once you open it. Engine has a database on each drive and combines it into one when you open Engine.

Thanks for your help. What is the best way to remove these red tracks from from engine DJ software?

I would just delete them in Engine, they should not re-appear