Sync to external drive rekordbox DB is slow

Hello @Christiaan

I moved my rekordbox DB to my external drive (Samsung T7 SSD) so i could use the drive on multiple computers.

I noticed that Syncing to it is much slower compared to when my rekordbox DB was located in my macs internal drive.

Is this normal?

I’m using the direct export mode.

Still at 59% since my first post.

How is it connected, over USB?

Yes USB cable directly

I’ve had very slow syncs over USB, way slower than internal drive. USB version / cable matters, but even if that is up to par then it can still be slow. I think it’s doing a lot of read/write actions and USB is very bad at that

Read through replies here and see if any of those make sense for your situation: windows 10 - Slow write speed on USB 3.0 thumb drive - Super User

I have ditched the idea of having the rkbx db in the external ssd

Deleted and reverted to having it in the internal drive.