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Add more options in the “Sync To” panel → DJ Apps

It would be great to have some sort of options/filters available when syncing the playlists.

1 - Select Only Playlists with New Tracks (maybe a select with 1 day/ 7 days/ etc. customizable or maybe per lexicon session)
2 - Only Tracks with New Information (Meta Data/Analysis/etc) in selected playlist
3 - Only Tracks with (1 to 5 Star) Ratings in Selected Playlist

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Option 1 - Select Only Playlists with New Tracks
I think everyone can benefit from this option. For example, if you add 30 tracks to 5 different playlists, it can sometimes be difficult to remember which playlist was updated, especially if you update them twice a week.

Option 2 - Only Tracks with New Information
This avoids the need to update every single track in the selected playlist, which is already in the DJ App of destination. By doing so, it shortens the sync time and reduces the risk of overwriting any information that has not been previously imported into Lexicon from the DJ App selected.

Option 3 - Only Tracks with 1 to 5 Star Ratings in Selected Playlist
This as a filter to prevent having everything in every DJ App. For instance, I use Virtual DJ as my main DJ App and want to sync all my playlists, but I only want to sync tracks with a certain number of rating stars to Serato, Rekordbox, or Engine DJ. This way, I don’t end up with the same massive library in all the apps. I can even have a smaller library with just the essential tracks (5-star rated) to export to my iPad and use it with DJay.

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There is something similar in DJ Conversion Utility.

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I guess some of these tasks can be done using Smart Playlists, but with these options, we can save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent doing it manually.

The beta has a new sync option called Modified. It auto selects playlists that were changed since your last sync and includes all tracks that were changed since the last sync.

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Good to know, that’s amazing!


P.S.: I downloaded the beta version 1.5.117, and it’s amazing with so many new features - much appreciated. Regarding the Modified option, do I need to do something specific to activate it? I have modified some playlists and tracks, but it’s still greyed out.

Just sync once, after that it will become available

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Worked, thank you!

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