Sync to Rekordbox 6

Lexicon version: 1.2.1
Operating system (remove one): Windows

Bug description:

When I sync to rekordbox I checked the grid is out of place
the Cues are also out of place

Step by step to reproduce:
Analyze the music in lexicon and then sync it to rekordbox


Sorry my english

Be sure to run the Beatshift Correction utility (top menu bar) and then sync again

I did this tip.
Still the same problem

There will be a beta release soon (probably tomorrow) with several beatshift improvements. That might also fix your issue, best to try that first.

To get the beta release, change your release branch in the Lexicon settings or keep an eye on the #beta channel on Discord

In relation to beta will not affect the already existing features?
Is this the beta version is unstable?

No, it’s not unstable. It has a few fixes and just goes into beta shortly before releasing it as stable.

I can’t access the link

Do I have the option to access the beta part in the program?

Use this link:

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Thank you for your help
I’ll wait for the beta version then

Still the same problem

After an analysis I found that I had to do the beatshift several times with rekordbox open where I had to open song by song.

It should be something to fix, but some of the songs I had here are already correct

Good job

Sorry my english

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