Sync to Rekordbox - Out of Range

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Lexicon version: 1.1.14
Operating system: Mac

Bug description:

Step by step to reproduce:
When trying to sync to Rekordbox6, the sync progresses until 76% and then the error (see screenshot below) occurs.


Can you upload your Lexicon database from the Help menu? I’ll take a look!

I just uploaded the database from the help, as you suggested.

Let me know if you need more input from me.

You appear to have a track called NI TU NI NADIE in your library with a bpm of 15003, the exporter errors on that. You can fix this by removing that track or changing the BPM to something more real.

Next update will ignore these bad BPMs in the exporter.

Thanks for reporting!

Removed the track and giving it a retry.

Could I have found these kind of track myself?

No, I had to dig into it to find it. But this is a one time odd problem, won’t happen anymore after the next update

@Christiaan You can close this topic, since the Rekordbox sync worked flawless after the removal of the mentioned track.

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