Sync to Serato not working

Lexicon version: Latest
Operating system (remove one): Windows

Bug description: Exporting playlists back to Serato and after an hour Lexicon is stuck at “Finishing Up”


This used to happen with an older Lexicon version, the latest should fix this. Can you tell me (roughly) how many tracks and playlists you have in Lexicon?

Hi Christiaan.

I am running Lexicon version 1.1.28.
According to lexicon i have 206292 tracks and 575 playlists.

(That sounds like a lot of playlists but most of my playlists have sub playlists of warm up, Main music, End of night).

Okay, that is a lot of tracks so I expect it to be slower there. Serato syncing is relatively slow because all those 200k tracks needs to be checked and/or updated. I would leave it running for a while longer.

If it still doesn’t move, you can upload the logs (Help menu) and I can check if anything is going on.

Thank you Christiaan.

I just selected a small playlist and syncing was fine.

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