Synch from Lexicon to Rekordbox without adding new tracks or add them first?

Hi guys,
new to Lexicon and different questions came up during the trail phase. Before I decide to go full Lexicon I want to see if these topics are a problem for my workflow or not.
I have a question if I want to synch from Lexicon to Rekordbox.
The playlists which are imported to Lexicon coming from Engine DJ.
I haven´t used Rekordbox for more than a year so Rekordbox doesn´t “know” all these new song which I have added in my collection in EDJ.
Do I need to add the songs to rekordbox first or does Lexicon add the new songs to Rekordbox during synch?
Rekordbox is up to date btw.

Thanks guys!

When you do a Full Sync, Lexicon makes sure your DJ app of choice looks the same as Lexicon does. So no, you don’t need to add tracks to RB first. Any track you see in Lexicon will be in you RB after a full sync.

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thanks for the quick reply Christiaan. Much appreciated

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