Synching to Engine DJ shows no empty playlists

I have fine tunes all my tracks in LEX, and when I do a complete synch to Engine DJ all playlists are empty.


Is there something I should be doing differently. Here are my synch settings

You are using the Target Drive option, that is meant for Denon hardware. If you look at the playlists on your Prime, are they empty there too?

Actually I am using an external HDD that I plug into the USB port of the Denon gear. Is there a better way to do this.
I am also synching an SD card that going into the Prime 4/Go gear.

If you want your tracks to go to Engine Desktop software, use that as the target drive.

If you want your tracks to go to your Prime (skipping Engine desktop completely), then choose that drive.

Hey Christiaan - here is my issue
I have started from scratch with the latest LEX collection and proceeded to synch with Engine DJ on Desktop.
All worked fine, and was able to synch to an external drive to use on the players.
Now I added several new tracks (analyized i Traktor) and synched in LEX and make final adjustments. When I synched to Engine DJ Desktop I noticed they went to my core internal MacBook drive (Macintosh HD)
Now this HDD is partitioned with the following
Macintosh HDD - contains core OS, and applications
LaCie - Only my DJ Music

With that, I am unable to analyze this tracks, but the file path points to the LaCie drive.
I checked on Macintosh HDD, and does any tracks appear on that drive, other than the Engine Library folder within the Music folder on the Macintosh HDD. That Engine Library folder is also on the LaCie drive where all the music is held
Is there something I should be doing differently.
I do have an Engine Library on the Lacie Drive as wee

I think this might be a problem that is solved in the beta version. You do need to delete all your Engine database files, then full sync.

The database are the Engine Library/Database2 folders, you’ll find one in your Music folder and one on your external drives. Best to just rename it in case you want to restore it later.

Then download the beta version: Download (BETA) | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

And full sync again. Good chance that will work better.

Hi Christiaan;
It seems that even with steps provided and deleting the DB2 folders, issue still appears.
Any other suggestion I can try

Can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu.

Hi Christiaan;
I just uploaded it as it happened again.
Hope we can find a solution

One weird thing I’m seeing is these tracks with an invalid location:

Can you delete those 24 tracks from Lexicon and delete Engine database and full sync again? Not sure that is the problem but it’s some bad data so might cause problems

What’s interesting is that path doesn’t exist. If I look up those tracks in TP or Music app, they are pointing to the correct location
/Volumes/LaCie/My DJ Music/Music/Daddy Yankee - BONITA (Sensation 95-116 Transition).mp3
/Volumes/LaCie/My DJ Music/Music/Yandel x Myke Towers - Borracho Y Loco [Reggaeton] 88.mp3

Are you saying ti download those tracks or put them in a different location for the time being and perform a resycnh.
Also which Engine DB’s should I delete.
I have a library on - /Users/gaetano/Music & /Volumes/LaCie/MyDJMusic

No, just delete them from Lexicon, since those tracks don’t exist.

Delete all the Engine library folders (or better: rename them)

ok Thank you Christiaan;
As all the tracks are currently being analyzed in Engine, since I renamed the Engine library, I ran a scan of unused files, and the 24 you mentioned have been located on the correct drive…

What is the best way to get them in Engine so they point to the correct drive.
Should I import them directly through Traktor, or in Lexicon and perform another synch

Did you delete them from Lexicon?

Just add those tracks manually again, directly in Lexicon. It’s just 24 tracks so not much work

Yes, deleted from Lexicon but not from disk. I’ll let you know how it goes.
And I should continue using the beta, right

Yeah the beta will be better for your situation I think