Syncing between two computers?

When I sync’d with the cloud, I assumed that if I installed Lexicon on a second computer, it would see all of that? The other computer shows everything in the cloud, but signing on on the 2nd computer doesn’t show anything?

Right now the “Cloud Database Backup” only saves your database online and keeps it safe. It doesn’t do anything automatically with a second computer yet. So it’s just an easy way to make backups right now.

Syncing between computers is something I will look at later, it’s quite a challenge to get that right but I do want to tackle it.

Got it and understood. I work in software design. So what’s the best way to switch back and forth between the laptop and studio workstation if I use Rekord Cloud (Lexicon) as the central place to manage everything?

It’s not very easy yet but it is doable:

  1. Upload database from 1st computer
  2. Restore database on 2nd computer
  3. Use Find Lost Files on Manual Mode on the 2nd computer to change your track locations accordingly. Network drive with all music on it would be useful here. Then you only need to change a drive letter (or nothing at all if both computers have the same drive letter or drive name for Mac).
  4. When done on the 2nd computer, start at step 1 again but the opposite.

The only downside right now is that you can’t make changes on both computers as the restore will always overwrite. But keep that in mind and you can use it safely on both computers.