Syncing cue points from player to Lexicon

I can sync directly to the internal harddrive of a player. However, if I make cue points on the player, they’re not synced to Lexicon. Am I missing something?

Did you import them into Lexicon from the internal hard drive?

You have to keep the Merge option enabled and select your internal hard drive of the player on the import page in Lexicon.

I did exactly what you said. However, I realised the player is not saving the cues in the DB on HDD player. If I make some random cue points and load a different track and reload the cued track, there are no cues.

I created a library in Lexicon. Synced it with a empty HDD inside SC6000. I didn’t use Engine DJ desktop software.

So, now I removed the library from the player and created a new empty one with Engine DJ desktop software. Ran sync again. Now the player can save the cues and I can import them using Lexicon.

Thanks, I just did the exact same test with both LXC and Engine DJ and I can confirm the same thing.

I will look into what is causing this.

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I found the problem, it was a very sneaky bug. Next version will have this fixed and cues created on the device will be saved properly and you should be able to re-import those back to LXC.