Syncing Library to engine DJ

I’m syncing my Library to a empty ssd in my prime 4 , It’s been 5hrs and it has only synced 11%. I don’t know if this is a issue, but can you explain to me why does this happen? Also is there a better way to sync? I’m syncing 61,000 songs every other sync takes 15 min to other software.

When you sync Engine to an external drive, it will copy your music files. That can take time, depending on how many tracks you have. With 61k tracks I would expect it to take quite some time. But again, it depends on your hard drive and external drive/USB speed.

Once you have synced the first time, the next sync will be much faster since it won’t need to copy your music again.

Ok thx it’s taking crazy long, I’m only at 16% im going from to samsung evo870 ssd drives

Sounds like it should be much faster then yeah. Try a computer restart, might help

So, Lexicon told me I had insufficient space. It is a blink 4tb drive I was syncing too. I have to start over.

I was going to ask that question of weather just the data only or also files and data get transferd. It makes sense.