Syncing Rekordbox 5.8.7 > Serato DJ Pro: loss of cue points

All tracks transfer over but approx 20% lose their cue points. I am importing from an up-to-date XML file, selecting both hot cues and memory cues. The affected tracks do not share a file destination or age in common, although they are concentrated towards the middle of one longer playlist. When I drag one of these untagged songs onto the virtual deck in Serato DJ Pro, it says ‘reading tags’ at the bottom of the screen. However once on the deck, there are zero tags. Please help.

Do those tracks have cues in Lexicon?

Yes. The hot cues and saved loops are visible in Lexicon, but do not sync to Serato DJ Pro.

I have tried doing the sync again, with identical results. The same tracks are failing to sync cues.

Only thing I know that can cause this is if your tracks are missing (orange triangle in Lexicon) or if the tagger (tagger.exe for Windows) process is being blocked by a virus scanner or something.

If either of that is happening, then Lexicon can’t write cues to the file and that is where Serato reads them from

Hi Christiaan

I can confirm the files are not missing, there is no orange triangle in lexicon.

I am using a Mac with OS Ventura 13.4. I do not have a virus scanner installed.

What else can I try to resolve this?

Can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu.
Maybe I can see something in there

Thanks, just done this now

Can’t see anything weird in there, everything seems normal.

Maybe those tracks are a different filetype or something else they have in common?

It seems to be WAVs with a large file size which have failed to transfer cue points.

Is there a workaround?

Not that I know of. Can you upload a few of those WAVs? I’ll test them here and see what is going on

You can upload directly to me with this link:

I have time to test them next week

Sorry for the delay. Been very busy with gigs. Attempting to switch from Rekordbox to Serato has been very challenging and I am still thinking of giving up and selling the new hardware. This process with Lexicon seems extremely complex and I’m aware that the price is going up after my first month.

For conversion you don’t need the Pro plan, just Basic so price will stay the same.

I’ll do my best to help you through it

Thank you - I uploaded 3 of the problem WAVs for you to check out :slightly_smiling_face:

Got them, thanks. There is something odd about these specific WAV files so I will do some checks and give you an update tomorrow.
Don’t forget to change your subscription plan to Basic.

Okay I identified a bug and made a fix for it.

Please try this version and sync again: Install Lexicon beta-43 wav files.dmg - Google Drive

It works! Great fix, thank you.

From your attachment, I am now on LEXICON-BETA with a blue icon. I still have the red icon version installed.

What’s the best way for me to continue using the software, blue or red, and can I can get updates as normal?

The beta version is fine to use, there will be an update to the stable version soon, which is basically the same as the beta version you are using now

Thanks. Will the fix you made for my WAVs be incorporated into the next update?

Also — any idea of reason for MP3 bitrates coming back as 0 when using the duplicates finder?

Yes it will be in the next update.

Sounds like the bitrate was imported as 0 from a DJ app, that sometimes happens. You can reload tags and that should reload the bitrate too


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