Syncing Tidal playlists to EngineDJ --> playlists got messed up

Please fill in this bug report template:

Lexicon version: 1.3.9
Operating system (remove one): Windows

Bug description:
Tidal playlists are not exported as-is to Engine.

Step by step to reproduce:

  1. Create playlist in Tidal
    2a. Import playlist in Rekordbox
    2b. Analyse playlist in Rekordbox
  2. Sync rekordbox (Tidal) playlist from Rekordbox to Lexicon
  3. Sync Lexicon to Engine DJ (playlist or whole library, doesn’t matter)
  4. Open Engine DJ (3.0) after sync from Lexicon

Total mess-up / playlist is ruined



When I do a sync of the same playlist to an empty USB-drive it all works fine :expressionless:

Engine DJ desktop does not support streaming tracks so they won’t display there

I don’t agree with that. It all worked fine in the past, but it looks like it starts messing up things.

When I do an export (of a tidal playlist) to a fresh and clean USB stick my playlist is visible in Engine DJ (every track is marked red, but that doesn’t matter). If I put my USB stick into my Prime 4 or SC6000, I can see the metadata and the tracks will be loaded to the deck if I push on the load button. I’ll send a printscreen of a playlist which I exported to the empty USB stick to show that all works fine. In my large music collection however it doesn’t work (it did before).

I’ve stored al my music on a USB-SSD and I sync to the USB-SSD from Lexicon. I now renamed the “Database2” folder and started a new full sync from Lexicon to the USB-SSD. The sync is currently running and I will let you know what happens when this one finishes.

Maybe we are talking about something else then but in the Engine DJ desktop application, you can’t have streaming tracks, that includes Tidal online music

See below the result I’d expected (this only works on an empty USB-stick)

If you put the USB-stick into the DenonDJ unit the results look like this:

Now you are able to use/play Tidal tracks as-if they are local files. You also have the possibility to rearrange them (order by BPM, key etc). They will also show up in the search results.

So far so good, but…

When I do a complete export of my tidal playlists to my regular USB-SSD the playlists are mixed with local tracks.

Yesterday I removed the DataBase2 folder from my SSD and started all over again (Full Sync from Lexicon to SSD). It took about 14 hours before the sync completed :frowning:
Now I’m waiting untill all my tracks are analyzed by EnginePrime: 33k tracks, about 21k local and 12k Tidal tracks (Engine does not analyze the Tidal tracks, which I knew). I hope that my Tidal playlists are OK again after the analyze process. To be continued!

Analysis is ready (hooray!)
Playlists shows (39, the number of tracks is in line with the actual playlist) random tracks:

This is what I’d expected:

I’m gonna sync again :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

it is / was possible when you synced playlists from Lexicon to EngineDJ. This is one of the reasons I’m using Lexicon (to have the possibility to blend my local music with streaming music from one location).

It’s getting stranger and stranger :wink:

If I sync my playlist back from EngineDJ to Lexicon, it’ll show me the correct playlist in Lexicon (I first deleted the particular playlist in Lexicon and then synced 1 playlist from Engine back to Lexicon).


Okay so to check that I’m following this right:

Sync with streaming tracks to Engine DJ gives you wrong random tracks in that playlist?


Import that playlist back into Lexicon will give you the original correct tracks again? Even though the Engine playlist is wrong

Is that right?

that’s right!

I did the following steps

  1. Removed “local” ‘Engine Library’ folder from Windows PC (in My Music folder)
  2. Opened EngineDJ (it creates a new ‘Engine Library’ folder
    <playlists were still messed up, actually all the “Tidal” playlists contain the same bunch of tracks>
  3. Closed EngineDJ
  4. Synced from EngineDJ to Lexicon [Full sync] (import error message, attached to this discussion)
    <Lexicon thinks that the playlists contain more tracks than it actually has, result after syncing is OK>
  5. Synced from Lexicon back to EngineDJ [Full sync]
  6. Opened EngineDJ and… it looks like everything is OK now.

So after removing some EngineDJ folders (before I did the 6 steps described in this reply I already did the following:

  1. Removed ‘Engine Library’ folder from my SSD
  2. Full Sync from Lexicon to EngineDJ (took 12 hours)
  3. Re-analyze from all (local) tracks in Engine DJ (took 3 hours)

Library Import (Enginedj) 2023-03-10.txt (2.4 KB)

hmm, I did a full sync today from Lexicon to Engine DJ and all the “Tidal” playlists are messed up again. The “Tidal” playlists contain all the same tracks after syncing (in Engine Prime).

The previously described work-around is too much time consuming, so I don’t know what to do now :frowning:

Can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu. I’ll try to reproduce the problem here and see if I can fix it.

The only thing I noticed was that if a playlist has both streaming and normal tracks, syncing to Engine desktop would break the playlist order when the streaming tracks are removed. That particular bug will be fixed in the next update.

As for your bug, I haven’t been able to reproduce it. Might be able to if I have your Lexicon database, didn’t see it yet

I uploaded the log & database.
At the moment I don’t have an active subscription anymore. The last sync was OK, but I had to remove my “>>TIDAL” folder in EngineDJ first.

So, my latest workaround was to remove the Tidal playlists in EngineDJ before syncing from Lexicon back to Engine.

Some history:
The problem occured when I made changes in Lexicon and then synced back my library to EngineDJ. For example:

  1. Sync from Engine to Lexicon (Full)
  2. Adjust playlists, removed tracks, remove duplicates, edit tags etc in Lexicon
  3. Sync back to Engine (Full)

result after step 3: messed up playlists

Old workaround was to sync again from Engine to Lexicon and then sync back from Lexicon to Engine (without making changes in Lexicon), but that was very time consuming and did not work everytime.

I also removed all the “not local” tracks from existing playlists. So I only have songs from streaming services in the “>>TIDAL” folder within my library.

Have you tried it with yesterdays Lexicon update?

When I sync your library to Engine, all streaming tracks are skipped (not supported in Engine desktop) and the playlists with streaming tracks are empty as expected. I don’t see the messed up playlists like in your first screenshot, but that might have been fixed.

I don’t have an active subscription anymore, so I can’t perform a sync. It took me too much time to Sync over and over again. The main reason to use Lexicon was to sync my Tidal Playlists coming from Rekordbox to EngineDJ, which worked fine in the past, but doesn’t work smooth anymore (maybe it does now, but can’t check it).

If you PM me the email you are using with Lexicon, I’ll add a free month

In the last past days, I did some adjustments in my Lexicon library and also some syncs from Lexicon to EngineDJ. Everything looks fine now!

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