Syncing to engine os

hi totally new to lexicon . i am currently using diffrent external hard drives all with diffrent playlists .
engine os has stopped analysing tracks . as i think i may have to many files for the data base . so im looking to analyse new tracks and clean up the data bases with lexicon . my worry is syncing back to engine os as i dont want to overwright anything in fear i will lose the current playlist

Lexicon makes a daily backup before syncing, so if something goes wrong, you can recover them. But my advice would be to always make a backup yourself. You can backup the Engine Library/Database2 folders (there is one in your Music folder and one on each external drive you use).

Ok great thank you for your help . so I’ve taken a copy of the engine folder on the external drive and put it on my desktop if something goes wrong I could just paste it back in and replace what ever lexicon adds . Also I can just sync to my hardrives instead of the engine os software that’s on my pc? So I won’t need to use the engine software anymore . Thanks again

Yeah that is possible, you can completely skip Engine desktop.