Syncing to existing External HD in Serato and then transfer to Rekordbox

Hey Christian,

I’m not sure what steps to follow to sync my master Seratp Library on my external HD which i DJ from (mapped to external).

I know my M2 Mac has its own local serato folders and rekord box foders, but i want the source of truth to be on my external. Then i can push out all changes to to rekordbox as i am doing more festival gigs on USB now on CDJS and pioneer controllers.

Could you please help so i can ensure the right databases are being synced to from my external and not local m2 folders before i sync and over right the wrong database.

Here is n example of where path my music is stored:

many thanks
Craig , DJ CMAN

It’s easy for Serato, it stores your database and crates on the external drive if your tracks are on the external drive. So you don’t really need to do anything if your music is already there.

Lexicon uses all Serato folders, both your internal and your external. The combination of those is your entire Serato library. Things like smart crates are always on yoru internal drive.

So all you need to do to get your library to Rekordbox is import from Serato and sync to Rekordbox, nothing special is needed

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thanks so much for your quick reply, Christian.
Ive just backed up mu serto and music, and now about to try export all my serato crates to rekordbox in Lexicon now (i have previously done this which took a day or two to reanalyse in rekordbox) … so hopefully whole thing should happen rather quicky, or at least get enough crates to USB to play all the big gigs in Australia tomorrow !! love u man!!!

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