Tag selection to be a usable temporary list

Currently this happens:

  • click tags
  • select some combo of tags
  • list appears in a floating window with option to save as playlist/smartlist
  • list is not clickable / sortable / playable

What I think would be much better:

  • click tags
  • select some combo of tags
  • the results are shown in the same window (no floating window) and are sortable and playable as a temporary playlist

Often I want to filter things down to a small selection using tags but don’t want to create a new list with it. I just want to play something or add something to another list or similar.

It’s like that to make a clear distinction between where you can/should edit your tags. Not every place that shows your tracks should have every possible functionality because it would make it a confusing mess.

It would make sense to make tracks playable from there (double click), but that would load it in the player in the background since it is a popup now.

Fair enough. Most of the time I’m not wanting to make a new list from the selection, I just want to filter the tracks using tags. I can work around it anyway by making temporary lists.