Tagging dialog search field stops working

Lexicon version: 1.3.15
Operating system (remove one): Mac (macOS 13.0.1 (22A400))

Bug description:
After having lexicon open and adding tags to tracks, eventually the tagging dialog starts acting strange and I have to close Lexicon and reopen to fix the issue. This usually happens after I’ve had Lexicon open for a while and I’ve opened the tag dialog a several dozen times at the very least. It feels tied to how many times I’ve opened the dialog or how many times I’ve edited the available tags lists/categories.

Step by step to reproduce:

  • Click into the tag field on a track to open the tagging dialog
  • Start typing a tag name and hit enter to add tag(s)
  • Close dialog
  • Repeat

Eventually, when the dialog opens, the search field will not be active (so I can’t immediately start typing a tag name), and if I try to click into the search field, the dialog closes.

Thanks, I’ll try to reproduce that

Can you make video of this bug? I’m not able to reproduce it

And do you only use the mouse, only keyboard or a combination when setting tags? Might be related to that

I’ll take a video next time it happens. I’m often using only the keyboard with occasional mouse selection sprinkled in. Something like: Keyboard shortcut to invoke the dialog, type, arrow keys or enter to select and sometimes deselect tags, delete search text and type another tag name, select, repeat, then escape key to close the dialog.

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