Tags to Rekordbox MyTag Track Filter

Tagging in Lexicon is a dream. The only thing I would love the ability to do is to program the tags in to the existing sections of Rekordbox.

A little explanation of how I have started to tag my music:

Everything gets assigned 1 of 7 ‘Core Genres’. For example Hip-Hop/Rap OR Reggae/Dancehall/Caribbean OR R&B/Funk/Soul. Then I add ‘Sub Genres’ to them so if a track is predominantly Hip Hop but has elements of funk in it I can filter down to find it.

This is easy enough to do with Smart Playlists but if a situation arises and I think of something, creating them on the fly can be a little fiddly. That’s when in the past I have used Rekordboxs own filtering system. As per the screenshot below, you can see all of Lexicons tags live in one area squeezed in the right hand side and have the Category Name before the Tag. Not sure if it’s possible but it would be amazing if those categories could actually replace the genre field for example?

You can do that by making sure you have exactly 4 tag categories in Lexicon. This is because Rekordbox needs exactly 4 MyTags categories, any more and it will not work without the “Lexicon Tags” workaround.

I see that’s useful to know.

Having more categories in Lexicon is super helpful in organising things for me. Would there be any way of nominating the 4 you wanted to take over to Rekordbox? I’ve currently got 14 categories, all of which are handy to have though may not strictly be needed in Rekordbox - only really in Lexicon.

No, that’s a hard limitation in Rekordbox. You can use unlimited categories in Lexicon and you could send them a text field in Rekordbox too using a Field Mapping.

But MyTags are just limited like that, nothing I can do about that. Having an extra option to nominated 4 MyTag categories is too specific because it only works for RB.

Thanks Christiaan. Appreciate your responses. Nothing but good things to say about Lexicon so keep up the good work!

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