Text file tags import

Hello :slight_smile:

I have a collection of raw, untagged, unanalyzed songs but I have a csv. text file which has all of these songs’ names and its specific tags (genre,comment,label,grouping) written.

Can I somehow import that file to lexicon so it automatically write these tags into songs files’ IDs ??

Not yet but that is something I might add in the next beta version so stay tuned for that. You can see when a beta is released on our Discord

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I also would be interested to have the possibility to add tags to tracks from a text file. The use case for me is that I can get the release date of my music through ChatGPT and then I would like to add this information to the Year tag.
The tag finder in Lexicon unfortunately doesn’t work for me since my track names also include Key and BPM.

It will be in the beta version coming very soon, next few days or next week.