The path of the song changes when importing the playlist from Engine DJ to Lexicon

I play with USB stick on Denon prime 4+ and after a gig I import history into Engine DJ on my Mac.

Then I save the list in history as a playlist.

In Engine DJ, it says correctly under Location, that the path of the song is located on my hard drive.

When I import the playlist into Lexicon, it changes the location so the path becomes my USB stick, and not my hard drive.

Do you know how I can get it to have the same path as in Engine DJ?

Do you import from Engine DJ desktop or directly from the USB?

If you import from the USB, Lexicon doesn’t know the original file locations (unless you made that USB with Lexicon).

I import from Engine DJ desktop.

Is the USB connected? Try without it so there is no way Lexicon can take the tracks from there

Thanks, that fixed it.
When the USB plug was not in, the location was correct on the imported list from Engine DJ desktop.

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