This work flow does not work

This work flow does not work

Bring in new music

Move New music folder(s) to final location

Drag folder(s) into lexicon

Right click on folder(s) in Lexicon, USE, Find Tags & Album Artwork


Year - Find, Overwrite

Popularity - Find, Overwrite

Press Search button

IT FINDS Year and popularity

Close lexicon

Open Serato

From Finder, drag folder into Serato Left Pane

Analyze tracks

Close Serato

Find Tags in Lexicon only populates that data to the Lexicon database, it doesn’t not inherently update the file tags. You can right click tracks and Use → Write Tags to File to update the file tags to match the new values in Lexicon.

But for most people, rather than writing the tags and then dragging your music folder into Serato, you can use the Sync function in Lexicon to Sync your tracks from Lexicon into Serato which will have all your updated tags even if you haven’t written them to the files.

thank you, I will try that

it just makes no sense to import, process, export. it is more steps

I wrote tags, then drug the tracks into searto

it did not map over popularity to the custom field