Tidal Streaming to Local support

I would like the ability to replace Tidal tracks with purchased ones the same way you can with BeatPort/BeatSource. Is that feature forthcoming? Thanks!

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Not in the works at the moment. I did some research there but Tidal doesn’t have a good way of matching streaming tracks to their purchased version. And Tidal has no official API I can use to fill that gap so I don’t know of a way to do this yet.

+1 for adding Tidal streaming to local support :bulb:

But if that’s not possible through their API, wouldn’t it possible to “simply” find duplicates and when there’s a match between the same track from Tidal and from an mp3, then have Lexicon copying all metadata to that file…? We could revise the matchs and confirm or not, manually.

Usually when the track has the same duration and is from the same album, this is the same version isn’t it.

Not really because there are many different versions of music files and that will cause cue points to be in slightly different places, making them mostly useless. Users would blame Lexicon and I don’t really want that.

OK… and what if cue points are not copied but all the remaining metadata are?

Would that feature be so different from utility “find duplicates”?

What if we could simply use find duplicates to copy/replace tracks from streaming to local? Wouldn’t it be great to benefit from an existing useful tool ? Streaming tracks would be another version of a track, although without proper file (and no audio signature). Could “find duplicates” scan streaming tracks for all metadata but making an exception for the file…?

I like the flexibility of that tool as we can review and act manually file by file, or use the “prefer” feature.

The idea behind transferring streaming to local is that they are identical files, since you can stream it or purchase it from the store.
Beatport has an identifier in the files you purchase so it’s easy to match those exactly with the streaming version.

I might add support for streaming tracks to the duplicate scanner but not sure how that would work yet, since they are slightly different than normal files.

Hi Christiaan,

How are streaming tracks different than normal files? (except that there is no actual file)
All metadata is the same in the database, right? I mean, when I look at my library and playlists in Lexicon, all tracks look the same, except that streaming tracks can’t be played and have no cues.


The file is just not there so anything file based can’t be done.
We can do a tag compare in the duplicate scanner but it’s not that simple because that might have unintended consequences.