Tidal tracks being removed from Engine playlists after sync from Lexicon

Please fill in this bug report template:

Lexicon version: … 1.6.16
Operating system (remove one): Windows
Bug description: If I have a playlist containing Tidal tracks and mp3s (either a pre-existing Engine playlist, or a brand new Lexicon playlist), then after syncing to Engine, the playlist only contains the mp3 tracks; all Tidal tracks are missing from the playlist.

Note the Tidal track(s) still exists in my Engine collection and other playlists it/they are already in. It’s only the synced playlist they disappear from.

If I make a change to one of the Tidal tracks in the Lexicon playlist (e.g. change its rating) and re-sync, then the rating of the track in the collection (and other playlists) is correctly updated, but the track is still missing from the synced playlist.

Engine library is on version 4.0

Step by step to reproduce:

Here I’ve created a new playlist in Lexicon, and added 1 mp3 and 1 Tidal track to it:

Now sync.

^ The playlist has been created in Engine, but the Tidal track is missing from it.

^ But Tidal track still exists in Engine collection.

^ Rating added in Lexicon

^ Syncing. Note I don’t have any field mappings configured.

^ Post 2nd sync, the mp3 track has new rating

^ Post 2nd sync the Tidal track also has picked up the new rating (but is still missing from playlist).

Note: In the above example this was a new playlist I created in Lexion.
I also had a pre-existing Engine playlist which contained ~5 mps and ~5 Tidal tracks.
I applied a rating to one of the Tidal tracks in Lexicon, but after syncing the Engine playlist had lost all the Tidal tracks, and only contained the 5 mp3 tracks.

The Tidal tracks still exist in my collection, and the rating had been applied/updated to the Tidal track.

I think it’s because Engine desktop doesn’t actually support Tidal tracks. Or at least that was the case some time ago. It looks like maybe Engine does somewhat support them now, only to display them.

I’ll have to look into how that works nowadays and get out an update for it.

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Hi Christian - thanks for the super-prompt response.
Engine Desktop doesn’t support the playback of Tidal tracks, but it definitely displays them in your collection and playlists.

This is fixed in todays beta update :+1: You can find the beta on Discord in #beta-changelog

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That’s amazing! I’ll download it, give it a try, and report back :grinning:

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Hi @Christiaan,
I’ve installed beta build 1.6.106, and I’m afraid the same bug behaviour is present for me, and doesn’t appear to have been fixed, sorry.
Happy to provide further info or files if that can be of assistance.

Can you try with an empty Engine database? You can delete or rename this folder for that: Music/Engine Library/Database2
Then start Engine and close it to get an empty database.

Thanks @Christiaan - good suggestion on trying an empty database. :+1:
It’s been a partial success:

Thanks, I’ll check that too

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Did you parent folder already exist maybe? I just tested it here but had no problem, with an empty Engine database

Actually likely the reason is because parent folders only get their child tracks added when you do a Full Sync.