Tips to Lexicon and Rekordbox in sync?

Lexicon has collection, which can be synced towards Rekordbox.

When DJ’ing, you work with the collection in Rekordbox (add cue points, change titles, …), which means that Rekordbox has newer changes in comparison with Lexicon.

What is the best way to keep Lexicon in sync with the Rekordbox changes?
Is it OK to just sync the “Import tracks & playlist” fully with Lexicon and once you are done in Lexicon back to Rekordbox?

I don’t think Lexicon automatically updates its own collection based on the Rekordbox changes?

It’s not automatic. You can always import from RB with the Merge option enabled. That will update any fields that Rekordbox has. Things like titles, cue points, grids. But not energy, etc since RB doesn’t know those.
You can use the Specific Fields option to only import certain fields like cue points.
And it’s probably best to only import certain playlists that you know you’ve changed.

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Can be done the same with Traktor sync?

Yes all DJ apps sync and import the same way