Track Duplicates

Hi Christiaan,
I have question concerning track duplicates. When I use the " find duplicates" feature I find two types of duplicates:

  1. Track which actually exists multiple times on my hard drive and in the collections
  2. Tracks which consists just one time on the hard drive, but there are multiple entries in lexicon which have the same path.
    The duplicate function same to be focused on the first type of the duplicate. That is fine as that is also the type I am expecting. The second type is the more annoying one. Is there a way to more easily identify those second type of duplicates and merge the entries in the Lexicon DB?

Those second type of duplicates sometimes pop-up after I synchronized with Traktor or EDJ.

This second type of duplicate should not be possible in Lexicon. Can you show me an example of that?

Rekordbox, Serato, etc can all have that problem but in Lexicon that is not allowed and should never happen.

Thanks for the response. I have resolved them all manually, so I have no example at this moment. I will post an example as soon as I see one.

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