Track Names Changing When Syncing to Denon SC6000 & Engine DJ

Hi Guys,

I’m having an issue with Engine DJ after i did major library cleanup. I’ve erased the internal SSD drive on my SC6000 and did a resync with Lexicon. After the sync, a lot of the track names have had (2) added to the file name and Engine DJ is thinking the track is lost. This only appears to be happening in the history list of the media player.

How do I get the media players to use the original file name?



Lexicon should only add that (2) if the file already exists in that folder so not really sure what happened.

Did you only do a sync from Lexicon to the SC6000? Or did you use sync manager in Engine DJ too?

No. Only did the sync from Lexicon to Engine DJ. Engine DJ does have auto analyze on when opened.

Try deleting the Engine Library folder on the SSD and try the sync again. It will copy everything again so may take a while, but it should get the file names right. If not, there is something going on that I would have to investigate.

Also you can try with a smaller playlist, just for testing purposes so it’s faster.

That how I discovered this. I completely wiped the SSD drive on the media and did a clean sync. That’s when Engine DJ started to have a whine about the missing files.

Okay odd. Can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu. I’ll try and reproduce your situation and see if I can get the same filenames here

Hi Christiaan, I’ve sent the files as requested. Thanks Dean

I think the problem is happening because you have duplicates in your Lexicon library. The same file is being copied twice so the second one gets the (2) at the end. I don’t know why the first one is deleted though, I will check that.

But maybe the best workaround is to get rid of duplicates before syncing again. Have you tried the Find Duplicates utility?

Can you check something? In Lexicon, is your example track (the Jacker's 5th Symphony) playable, as in, not missing? There are 2 of them, check if they are both playable

It could be that it tries to copy a missing track but it can’t since it’s missing.

I ran the find duplicates and there was nothing.

The track is playable and with no issues.

When I search for it, I only find one copy in the Jackin House folder.

It’s also listed a Jackin House smart crate that was created in Serato. No sure if that could be creating the duplicate.

I see the same track twice in your library:

Hi Christiaan, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I’m not finding any duplicate tracks in the collection, but I did find 113 archived tracks which I have cleaned up. There was only one lost track and that has been removed.

As a side bar, I’m also having issues exporting from Rekordbox to freshly formatted USB drives after doing a direct sync from Lexicon. Not sure if this related or not.

Is there a way of resetting the database in Lexicon and performing a fresh import from Serato? This way I can check if both export problems are related.

Thx Dean

Yep, very easy. You can import from Serato again but this time make sure the Merge with current library is unchecked, that will give you a completely fresh start.

As for the RB export to USB, I don’t know what causes that. Did you analyze the tracks in RB before exporting? I don’t know if that is Lexicon related or something else but I wouldn’t rule out Lexicon to be honest, it is possible.

Hi Christiaan, sorry for the late reply, but I ended up in hospital with food poisoning and was out of action for a couple of weeks. All good now.

I’ve worked out what the issue was with the database after resetting the collection. Any song that has been moved or deleted in Serato, doesn’t automatically appear as a broken link. The only way to let Serato know, is to load a track to a deck and then the colour of the song will change to brown/orange text. You have to go to the all files category in the side bar and then sort by symbol. This will then show you all the broken tracks.

I think a resync back to Serato from Lexicon upset the playlists and that is why there was about 60 duplicate tracks. I know these had been deleted, so it must have come from an update sync.

Once the tracks are deleted from the all songs list, it updates the playlists in Serato. Then you resync with Lexicon to update the playlists on that side. I only found 4 tracks that were missing in Lexicon after the sync which were a by product from the playlist updates.

I synced with EngineDj again and everything was OK. I had to manually rename a couple of tracks to set the track names without the (2) on the end to fix some playlists, otherwise it was all good.

I then ran the ATGR Engine Prime Cleanup tool to fix any database table issues that were left. It still found about 15 tracks that weren’t correct as they were showing in the old file location, they were removed by the utility.

Once complete, everything was good on the media player side. :slightly_smiling_face:

As for the RB issue. This was down to slow write speeds on the usb drive and nothing to do with Lexicon.

Thanks for your help in assisting to get this resolved. Regards Dean

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Great, good job! And feel better :slight_smile: