Track number order in playlist

Hi everybody
i m new to Lexicon and evaluating about subscription…
Just a simple question …i started creatin some playlist and i cant see a the field that in Engine is “#” as a progessive number for the tracks … is it available?
Thanks for answerin


In Lexicon there isn’t a number, but to get the original order of the playlist you can “unsort” a playlist by clicking the sorting arrow icon until the arrow disappears.

Thank you for ansewrin Christiaan,
im a frustraded Engine user after 4 years of continue issues with that crap of software. i m looking for a new way to manage my library and Lexicon is tempting me a lot…:slight_smile:
i know that starting with a request is not the best way…but Rekordbox Traktor and Engine have this column “#” that is quite useful, i think you should implement it in your Lexicon…
I m planning to subscribe 1 month to have try with Lexicon that seems to be good and smart, i am just worried about my Engine DB that is a mess with 5000 songs…full of cue point, comments … i hope to manage my collection without issues… a will study a bit more next days…

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I use Lexicon for the exact same reasons, I work on the Denon Prime 4 and use Lexicon to export directly to an external drive to go into the Prime 4 without ever touching Engine DJ, it works brilliantly for me.

If you have any questions during your trial let us know and the community will happily help

Thank you @StuR i am part of the family now. i subscribed this morning and starting working for the next gigs!!!
Till now everything is ok!! :slight_smile: