Track order in Lexicon different from in Serato after import

Hi - I found some similar questions on this, but nothing exact. I am using Lexicon to import from my Serato database and then to export to Rekordbox for when I need to use a USB on Rekordbox players (i.e. CDJ, XDJ). When I have my tracks in a crate on Serato, when I select and import that crate into Lexicon, it seems to lose the order of that crate and goes back to some other way to sort the tracks. The track # in lexicon doesn’t seem to match anything I can find in Serato. Below is an image of my Serato crate showing track #'s 1 -27, then the Lexicon playlist showing random track numbers with many repeats, and then the Rekordbox playlist which gets back to 1-27 for track # but is in the order they appear in my “root” crate in Serato. Is there any way to keep the track #'s coming in from Serato so I don’t have to reorganize either in Lexicon or Rekordbox?

Track # in Lexicon is not the same as Serato. In Serato it is the order of the crate but in Lexicon this is the CD/album’s track number so unrelated to playlist order.

To get the original order of a playlist, just click any column header with the arrow in Lexicon until it disappears. No arrows means that it is in original order.

Thank you. That cleared me up.