TrackMatcher Spotify Playlist to "normal Playlist" not working

When I use the track matcher with a Spotify playlist, after I select the songs that are in my collection and click “save to new playlist” nothing happens, the window stays open an no playlist is saved. What could be the problem? It used to work before but now somehow not anymore. How can I fix this? Thanks!

First thing to try would be to remove Lexicon from your Spotify account: Anmelden - Spotify

Then try saving again so Lexicon will have to re-authorize with Spotify

thanks a lot for the fast reply! I did remove Lexicon from the Spotify account as suggested but still no luck ;( When I click on “confirm” for the new playlist nothing happens. Do I have to re-authorize with Spotify manually?

Try restarting Lexicon and then saving the playlist again, it should ask you to authorize Spotify again, did it do that?

If you can’t get it working, can you upload the database & logs? From the Help menu. Maybe I can see something there. And add the Spotify link you are using in the description please.

It worked! The solution was to un-install Lexicon and then re-install again…:wink: Thanks again for the support! Cheers, Rollo

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