Tracks duplicated after importing from Engine DJ with external drive connected

I set up the FULL import of data from EDJ (without merge), I closed the EDJ Desktop application, but I kept my external SSD unit connected to the computer on which I have the remote library, i.e. the one that I will connect to my console.
I selected to import the data from the “Computer” not from the “Device/USB”:

At the end of the import I found ALL the duplicate tracks. The playlists were right. Only the tracks are double:

If I eject the external drive, Lexicon will notify me that the connection of the remote tracks are broken:

The only solution is to import tracks from EDJ when the external drive is disconnected. But why should I do it, if from Lexicon I have expressly selected to import the data from the computer and not from the external drive? :thinking: :thinking:

P.S.: my Lexicon version is 1.5.6 (special edition for MP4).

I think that version is too old, you should use the latest beta. New beta coming later today again

I used that version because the latest official 1.5.10 has problems with MP4 files while the latest beta makes the non-existent red hot cues appear, so I used the only one that doesn’t cause any mess. :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

However, it gave me the same problem even with more recent versions that I had tried in recent weeks. Are you sure that this doesn’t happen with 1.5.10 too? :wink: :wink:

Well I don’t know how that Engine drive was created, but if you used Engine instead of Lexicon then there is no link back to Lexicon. So when importing, it will just add the tracks to Lexicon.

If you use Lexicon to create an Engine drive/USB, then Lexicon remembers which tracks they belong to and importing after that should not create duplicates

My external drive was created by EDJ.

Yeah, so you have to sync directly to the external drive from Lexicon. There is a Target Drive option for that

Wait. Maybe you should reread the first post carefully. We’re getting confused now. :smiley:

You made the drive with Engine desktop, but instead use Lexicon to create it next time. Then Lexicon will know which tracks originally belong to your external tracks. So when importing after that, it will not create duplicates

Sorry but I still don’t understand. If I have selected to import the Engine DJ library from the COMPUTER, why does Lexicon ALSO import the external library on the Device/USB? If I select the computer library I should get import only of that one, it seems right to me that way. :thinking:

I performed a new import exactly as I did in the first post, but this time I used version 1.5.113 (beta), and the result was the same: double tracks.

Lexicon doesn’t know the difference between an internal disk and external disk/usb. So it will import anything that has a Engine database on it. If you don’t want that, just disconnect the USB before the import

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But if Lexicon doesn’t distinguish the two databases, then what purpose does this selection have?


Yes, in fact that is what I will do.

Well I feel like I’m going in circles… If you sync to a USB, then you can also import from the USB. Maybe you added cues or grids to tracks on your Denon hardware, then it’s useful to import that back into Lexicon.

I just found out that there can be old Engine data in the Lexicon database, that can also cause this problem so seems likely that you are getting that too. I will work on a fix in the beta

Yes, this is right. But in that case I should select to import the library from the USB drive. Instead I select import from computer and Lexicon also imports the tracks from USB.

And it wouldn’t make sense to have double tracks anyway. :man_shrugging:

This is what happened with Engine DJ in old versions too, remember? When the USB drive was connected to the computer, it happened that in Engine Desktop we saw duplicate tracks. Then with the most recent versions this no longer happens.

Ok, let me know when it’s ready and I’ll try it then.

Just updated the beta. It should be better at re-importing now but it might be necessary to clear your Lexicon database to get rid of the old Engine data in there. An import without merge will do that.
Best to clear any Engine USBs too.

Yes. With this new beta I no longer get duplicate tracks. Good job. :+1:

To be honest, I would have preferred to solve the MP4/M4A file problem instead of this one. In fact, I could avoid this problem if I disconnected the USB drive. However, the defect of MP4 files cannot be circumvented except by converting all the files to MP3.

I have now noticed something: lexicon has imported the Tidal tracks which are ONLY present on the external USB drive. :thinking:
Certainly there are no duplicate tracks, but I still don’t understand why Lexicon imports the data from the library on USB even if I have selected to only read the library on the computer.

I can’t solve the MP4 problem more than I have, it’s a dead end for me. There is no new information to do anything with…

If you have all your music on an external drive, that you don’t use with Denon hardware, then it acts the same as a USB. There is no difference so Lexicon can’t tell if you use that device only on your computer or also on Denon hardware.