Tracks Missing in Lexicon in _crate but lists more tracks than the Serato Crate Version


The playlist _crate that is created to put songs from Serato Folder isn’t matching with what is in Serato. It lists (189 tracks) but I only have 171 in Serato. So I should have less tracks in Serato, but I have tracks missing in Lexicon instead. So im confused as to how there is 189 tracks listed in Lexicon. I tried to cross reference but it is hard without the listed number. I hope you can Implement the track number/order in the next update!

For example in Serato I have #161 but in Lexicon the track does not exist in the lexicon playlist. And vice versa in Serato im also missing tracks within the crate that are visible in the same crate in Lexicon.

Thank you

The _crate playlist is special, it only has tracks that you directly added into the matching crate in Serato.
For example:

If you drag tracks on to the EDM crate, then they will appear in EDM/_crate in Lexicon. So those tracks should be the same there.

You can also click EDM in Lexicon and it will show all tracks in all playlists below it.