Tracks not exported to USB stick from Rekordbox after Lexicon

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Lexicon version: …1.6.2
Operating system (remove one): Mac

Bug description: Trying Lexicon for the first time, seems great! I synced my music from Lexicon to Rekordbox, and then exported to USB stick and unfortunately lots of tracks did not go through. Same exact export log as here: FLAC, AIFF, WAV files do not export to USB after Rekordbox 6 (Beta) sync - #9 by apford

Although I don’t think FLACs are the issue (some FLACs have gone through). Need to run now, but having a DJ gig tomorrow and hoping to solve the issue somehow so that I get my tracks for play :sweat: Sorry if this lacks details, can update more if needed!

Step by step to reproduce:


I’m not sure FLACs will work everywhere and some FLACs are different than others. One thing that you can run into is that a FLAC can have artwork that is too large.

If you can upload a few of the problematic FLACs, I can do an export to USB here and see what I get.

You can upload with this link:

Also can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu.

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Thanks for the really quick response! Just uploaded the db & logs, and uploaded some FLACs. Both have links to this discussion.

One more clue to the puzzle: when Lexicon analyzed the tracks, the duration tag ended up being 0:00.

This is fixed only when I do a full analysis (including BPM) in Rekordbox, and now I see that a track that wasn’t previously exported to the USB now is (when it has the duration correctly).

I’ll analyze those tracks with no duration and see how Lexicon handles a fresh import and then export back to Rekordbox.

RB is a bit of a black box sometimes, these errors you are seeing are not very helpful so it’s guesswork as to what the real problem is :confused:

I think for now it’s best to analyze in RB if that fixes the problem for you. I will look at your FLACs but I don’t have time tomorrow. A very quick look just now told me that they have an ID3 (Vorbis) tag that is invalid which is what Lexicon is breaking on. I’ll make sure the next Lexicon update will handle them in a better way

Yes, it seems to work like this. Thanks for the help!

Just remembered a weird glitch also after last playing with CDJs this week: many fresh tracks that I analyzed in Lexicon ended up not loading the BPM in the CDJ player. Sometimes it showed up after a long delay, but something weird going on.

Hopefully a fix is found :crossed_fingers:

Todays update should fix the problem with your FLACs

Thanks @Christiaan! I’ll check it out in the coming weeks when organizing music again.

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