Traktor doesn't sort by key anymore

MacBook Pro 14’’
Apple M1 Pro
MacOS 12.3
Lexicon 1.5.3
Traktor 3.9 / 3.10
Rekordbox 6.7.3

Bug description:
I imported the Traktor library to Lexicon. I messed around doing some Traktor-Lexicon-Rekordbox library exchanges (using the fast method for RB) Then I exported the Lexicon library to Traktor. Since then, Traktor doesn’t sort by key. I just click on the label on the column as always, and just stays the same. Then I reinstalled Traktor, to a new version, loaded the library and still the same. So I tried to start a new library from scratch and import some audio files. Then Traktor sorting worked again, so it’s not about the Traktor software, but something in the library is broken. The only different thing I did was the Lexicon import/export. It was the first time I ever exported the Lexicon library to Traktor.

Step by step to reproduce:

  1. Open Lexicon
  2. Export Lexicon library to Traktor
  3. Import Traktor library to Lexicon
  4. Export Lexicon library to Rekorbox (Fast)
  5. Export Lexicon library to Traktor
  6. Open Traktor
  7. Try to sort by key.

Thanks for reporting this. Can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu.

Also, what setting do you have here in Traktor under Analyze Options?

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