Traktor export and Lexicon Color Tags

Lexicon version: 0.3.36
Operating system: Mac

Bug description
When categorizing songs in Lexicon based on color tags, there are many colors that are not supported by Traktor. On import to traktor from lexicon the colors that dont exist in traktor are removed (as expected). However on re-import into Lexicon the colors that were assigned in Lexicon are removed.

I know this is kind of a strange one to actually fix since you could in theory move a track in traktor that shows no color, but is actually a color in Lexicon that traktor does not support.

There are a few ways that I can think of to solve this, but I am sure there are other ways. One could be to have an option to ignore the import colors from traktor (not great since the color could be changed in traktor) OR, if the color is empty in traktor, but the color in Lexicon is present, trust that Lexicon is correct and do not update the color.


Please add a screenshot for context. If this is about a DJ app, please also add screenshots of the problem in that DJ app.

Did you try the option to change color to the nearest color? If you leave it off, unsupported colors are removed so when you import back into Lexicon, they won’t have colors either. That’s normal.

Yeah, I’ve had that turned on the whole time. I also dont know if that would be the best solution (for me at least) since I use colors to sort my moods/genres. I wouldnt really want them to get moved around when exporting/importing since its more important that I can make playlists/smartlists with colors in Lexicon and I dont really care if i can see them in traktor as long as the playlist exports correctly.

So if you could choose not to import colors (with merge enabled) that would fix it right?

Because choosing fields to import/ignore has been a feature request for a while so surely that will happen soon when I find some time

Yeah i think thats the best solution to this issue, just be able to ignore the color coming from traktor since i am using Lexicon as my “source of truth” for my library and not changing things in Traktor 99.99% of the time. For that .01% i’ll just deal with it.

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Yep that sounds right. I’ll try to make that a bit bigger priority, coming sometime soon :slight_smile:

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