Traktor grid markers are converted to hotcues and appended to the end of Lexicon's hotcue list

Lexicon version: 1.1.19
Operating system: Mac

Bug description: On import from Traktor, Lexicon interprets Traktor grid markers as white hotcues. These white hotcues are appended to the end of the hot cue list. This happens on every track. This issue seems to have started from version 1.1.15 when the Traktor importer was fixed to import cue points without a hotcue number. Prior to 1.1.15 grid markers were not converted to hotcues.

For example, if I import a track with 2 grid markers (1 at the start, 1 near the end) plus 2 hotcues, in Lexicon the same track will contain 4 hotcues. In Lexicon, hotcue #3 will be white and at the location of the first grid marker and hotcue #4 will be white at the location of the 2nd grid marker.
Please see the screenshot for this example.

Also, after export to Rekordbox, this issue seems to be causing Rekordbox to crash. When I view a playlist with tracks that would contain a large number of grid markers, such as my “70’s disco” list, Rekordbox will crash.

Note that In Traktor, I have “store beat grid as hotcue” disabled.

Here is another example of a track with 28 grid markers. These grid markers should not be converted to hotcues

Thanks for reporting this.

I think the problem was that invisible beatmarkers were also getting imported, while only invisible cues should get imported. That will be fixed. Invisible beatmarkers won’t be imported as cues anymore. Only visible beatmarkers will be.

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Thank you for looking into it!

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