Traktor Pro 3 and Lexicon, MIK Keys & Energy levels differences


New to Lexicon and initially must admit I had worked a bit haphazardly in between traktor Pro 3 and Lexicon so now i am going through all my playlists in lexicon using edit/find tags and album art etc and have clicked through a few columns in lexicon and have noticed the energy levels are different between Traktor pro(MIK)and lexicon.
Also notice in the comments section in lexicon how do i revert back to eg: 04A instead of 04a?
I used the Conversion utilities guy(MMG)to do analysis of tracks,beatgrids in traktor pro 3 then get MIK cue points/energy levels using his Traktor cue and key tool into Traktor Pro 3 and as you can see the BPM,Key and energy levels are all in the same comments field so in the meantime i am just using Lexicon to edit, get tags and album art which should keep me fairly busy as i have a bit to do in that regard and backing up my mac with CCC6 so when i have finished in Lexicon then i will come back on here and sort out the above.Not sure about some discrepancies I’m finding in the edit section eg:Energy levels/Keys?


MIK and Lexicon have different ways of guessing the energy level so it’s normal that those are different. It’s best to stick to one of the two ways to get the energy level.

There’s no easy way to get this comment text into the 3 correct fields. There are some recipes that can help though. Right click tracks → Edit → Recipes.

For example, you could use the Split Field to send the key from the comment to the Key field, with these settings:

The BPM and Energy are not so easy because they are numbers.