Traktor sync / export .nml location

Hello! First of all, i’ve been using lexicon for less than a day, and it has changed my life when it comes to managing my music.

The one thing i’ve noticed is when exporting a file for traktor from lexicon it defaults to the users/documents/native instruments/traktor [version]/collection.nml path.

I keep my entire traktor collection with all of the related files, and music on an external drive. I’d love to be able to specify where the traktor file is exported to!


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I did just notice, if i delete the native instruments folder it lets me pick, but that seems like not a great option, if i accidentally launch traktor without my drive attached it creates the folder again

It takes the latest modified Traktor folder right now, which is almost always the correct one.
Can you copy the NML from the Traktor folder to the folder of your choice? Or use a symlink/hardlink?

You could try making emptying the Native Instruments folder and making it read-only, so Traktor can’t recreate the Traktor folder inside it anymore

Ah yeah, that makes sense. It may be nice to at least show the path to have confidence in where its actually heading / be able to actually find it after export?

I’ll mess around with some different workflows on my end. I know that what I’m doing is not particularly the standard way of doing things.

I do like the read only idea! Thanks!

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