Traktor Sync Failed


I think I just found a possible bug when syncing with Traktor.

The starting point (continuing testing LXC/Traktor sync) is the following:

  1. I remove all Traktor playlists.

  2. I clear the collection.

  3. I try to sync a playlist from LXC exporting to Traktor, with the “Playlist” option I get the following error:

  4. I try now to do it with the “Full” button. Synchronization succeeds this time.

In my experience Traktor Sync will only work if there is atleast 1 track in the collection prior to syncing, this message tends to only come up when there is nothing for the sync to add to.

It may be a bug but it could also be a limitation of the way Traktor works

@djjatoro Can you please delete this post and make a new thread for this, while the Original post was Traktor related your comment is not relevant to this discussion and should be raised seperately for Christiaan to look into and discuss with you.

Being in here this comment will get lost

Yes, of course. It is done.
Sorry for the inconveniences.

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Thank you very much @djjatoro

I’ll look into syncing a playlist to an empty Traktor. This error should not happen of course.