Traktor Sync Missing Analysis From Lexicon

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Lexicon version: 3.41
Operating system: Windows

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Add new tracks to library/playlist
Analyze newly added tracks
Add cue points
Sync to Traktor
Open Traktor & Check Consistency
Check Consistency report reflects newly added tracks but shows not analyzed. Waveform is not viewable in track decks

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You do have to analyze tracks for the waveform to appear. Lexicon does not add Traktor (or any DJ app) waveforms on sync.

Waveforms in the track decks (small overall view) are referred to as stripes I believe. You do have to analyze tracks for them to appear in this view. But that’s only one part of the problem, traktor should reflect the tracks as analyzed and it doesn’t.

I’m hoping Lexicon can solve for this so I can use it as my main library manager. Great app so far!

If I analyze in lexicon and sync to traktor then traktor should show the analysis done by lexicon, correct?

It should have a beatgrid but no waveform (unless previously analyzed in Traktor).

I’m not sure what the “Tracks Not Analyzed” means in Traktor. Whether that means tracks without beatgrids or tracks without waveform, or something else.

Just did a quick test and the “Tracks Not Analyzed” changes when the track has waveform (stripe) data. The waveform is not something that LXC can add so the current situation is the best we can get right now.

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