Traktor to Engine and what do to moving forward

I’m finding Engine really difficult for my workflow. The biggest being I can’t import m3u playlists. The other is it seems to create a duplicate song anytime I try to import from Apple or Traktor within Engine.

I’m done using all three programs and just need to hear if I should do all my library management in lexicon call it a day.

So leaving Traktor I feel like I have tripled the time I spend trying to keep an organized library.

  • Export Traktor Collection to Lexicon
  • Lexicon to Engine
  • Engine to SSD
  • I tried going from Lexicon to SSD but I would keep getting Red Missing Files but don’t have the problem if I sync from Engine to SSD

I play in standalone mode so any cue points or play history has to be synced back to Engine and then I’m right back where I started if I want to add new music.

Engine Forums aren’t very helpful for management other than using external devices with music folder management and adding tracks to playlists manually. Which are two things I do not want to do.

Answered on Discord :+1: